The Desire To Succeed

“Your desire to succeed must be greater than your fear of failure.”

This is one of my favorite quotes, although am not sure who said it. When my coach introduced this quote to our team,  I  immediately felt these words interconnected with  the Pushing the Wild Limits attitude.  These words were like a missing link.  These words are simple. The  fear of messing up, falling short, the fear of being incomplete will forever be a metaphorical leash to which you will be tied to like a dog  in a yard running circles.  For me this quote has become about striving for excellence,  not  thinking about what happens if I fall short,  refusing to look over my shoulder at the pit of failure.  Perhaps this is the benefit of being a rookie in this industry, I know no failure.

If you fall, what happens? You get back up.  When you miss the target what do you do? You knock another arrow or jack another shell in the chamber.  Why do we try again after failing?  Because failure is just a state of mind.  The desire to succeed keeps me grinding up the mountains and through the swamps of life.  The desire to succeed must start  inside you, external environments change your internal environment should never change, is the only thing you can control.   I cannot tell you how many times  I have heard this from my coach, but how true it is.  These words from my baseball coach have shed light on the attitude which has driven me to “Go Where Eagles Dare” since my youth.

dad packing bull

My father packing out a public land bull several years back on the last day of his hunt. 18 total miles round trip from the bull to the truck in 21 hours. This taught me a lot about desire.

Does failure scare you or act as the ignition sparking a fire in your gut to spur you forward?  The thought of not trying in general scares me more rather than  putting my best foot forward and coming up short.  Do you fight till you have nothing left in your tank? Are you willing to hike that extra ridge in the wild and in life, refusing to take the easy way out?   If I were afraid of failing this project of writing and filming would not exist.  You have to be brutally honest with yourself, asking this question.   Not having a fear of failure does not mean this is an arrogant attitude. Remember pride goes before a fall.  Not having a fear of failure comes from understanding who stands with you, Christ.