The Best Coat For Deer Hunting?

Be there when he is walking by your stand.


If you have ever sat in a tree stand to look for whitetails and have become cold-listen up.  Have you been frustrated by your clothing during deer season?  What might be the best coat out there for deer hunting? The best way to kill a big whitetail buck is to be there when he is on his feet and walking by your tree stand.  Yes, being there is the best way to fill your tag, but you and I both know sitting in the cold weather isn’t always easy.  More tags have been left intact by getting cold and having to bail from the woods early. The clothing choices you make will have much to do with you ability to stay in the woods. 

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The Fanatic suit from Sitka gear provides incredible heat retention due to the well thought out construction of the garments.  Having run stratus clothing for the past two seasons, I can confidently say I won’t NOT have my Fanatic gear when heading after whitetails for as long as Sitka produces them for hunters.

As long as you are properly layering underneath these garments, you ought to be able to sit in any conditions.  The Fanatic system is based on the combination of the wind-stopping power of Windstopper with the quietness of the micro fleece fiber on the exterior. When the winds start howling in November or on those crystal quiet mornings the way the Fanatic pants and coat are constructed give you the ability to adapt to any condition the heart of deer season throws at you.

Stay warm to find your buck


The Fanatic Jacket is the warmest jacket I’ve ever worn for whitetail hunting.  Two seasons ago I sat through a straight week of wind and misery while trying to arrow a whitetail.  Never once did I get cold. The fleece exterior in the Elevated II pattern does an incredible job of blending into the gray and cold hue of the November woods.  Contrary to popular belief, the November and December deer wood is not real brown; it’s gray.  Once the trees lose their leaves, the woods is more gray than brown.  As a lifelong whitetail hunter, I appreciate this pattern. 

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What makes this coat valuable is Windstopper.  Simply put, Windstopper is a membrane that prevents overheating and perspiration build-up by allowing moisture vapor to escape easily. The fabrics are soft; lightweight providing weather protection built right into the Fanatic Jacket. 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fleece hand pouch.  Gone are the days of having to carry an extra hand pouch and losing it halfway through the season.  The built in hand pouch is blocked with Windstopper, and the fleece interior keeps your hand toasty.  If you are anything like me and don’t like to shoot a bow with gloves on, the hand pouch help circumvents that issue. 

Another of my favorite features on the Fanatic Jacket is the built-in grunt tube and range-finder pockets.  They do serve a purpose.  When bowhunting I tend to not use them, however, during rifle season I will take full advantage of their services.  Now, one thing I ought to mention is the diagonal zipper.  Look, most guys get caught up on the aesthetics of this zipper and shove it aside.  The diagonal zipper is nothing to be scared of, and honestly, I find it helps the jacket do a better job of holding your heat close to the body.

The Fanatic Jacket is worth every dollar.  If you love whitetails, you need to look at this suit as an investment, not an expense.