The Basics of Duck Hunting

By Jason Reid

Waiting on legal shooting light under the cover of darkness with a hot thermos of coffee, busting chops with your buddies and watching those first few ducks tuck into your spread or fly dangerously close above your head.  There is something about the wait which makes duck hunting special. Then, you watch the clock as five minutes turn to two which turns to one, and you stare at the clock until it turns to the legal shooting hour.  Picking up your gun you head swivels in each direction until those birds finally close the distance, and the leader of hunt yells, take-em!

Duck hunting in my mind has gone from a gentleman’s leisure activity to a hard-core hunter’s pursuit.  And how could it not?  Having ducks decoy into your spread can be just as rewarding as a giant ten point passing within bow range.  That being said, every duck hunter starts somewhere.  If you are new to the sport, here are a few small details you might not read anywhere else.