Solutions To The NY Doe Problem

If you’re not a solution finder, you are just another chronic complainer. This is the creed we live by at my sales job. Don’t sit there and complain about a situation, but actively push your mind to build solutions but make sure to flesh out ideas, because everything looks good on paper at first.

New, proposed deer regulations for several units in the state are aimed at curtailing the overpopulation of whitetails in certain areas, and helping boost the numbers in others. For the overpopulation in some WMUs, like my home unit long the Lake Ontario shore, I see first-hand and hear from farmers who directly feel the economic impact of deer. From reports for those who have not read up on the issue, DEC assistant director of fish, wildlife and marine resources Doug Stang has said, “This is about trying to kill more antlerless deer in those areas where we’ve got too many deer.”

While these ideas would clearly need to be vetted and ultimately agreed upon, they are a start.