Snow Goose Hunting Decoy Tips

Trophy Stack is a new outdoor media platform which allows hunters to share their adventures without the fear of anti-hunting attacks.  A quality online hunting community, I suggest all hunters join.  My first article assignment for Trophy Stack was to report on the different snow goose decoy spread possibilities.

Snow geese. I remember the first flock of snow geese I ever saw while hunting.  It was late December and we were perched on a hill ridge top buried amongst  Canada goose decoys.  The flock, which had caused us to dive for the blinds in such a hurry, sounded a lot different from the birds we were chasing as they flew overhead.  Growing up, snow geese would pass through my area briefly during the early spring.  Right about the time we were dusting off the cleats and taking our first swings of the new baseball season.  I distinctly remember one of the first “tornados” I ever witnessed, I was actually shed hunting and sitting overlooking cornfields several hundred feet above the descending birds.  This unique perspective of the mesmerizing  display caused me to call my brother, a waterfowl guru, and start asking questions about how we might be able to chase these spring pearls.


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