Send This Article To A College Student You Know.

What am I doing writing a business blog on a website filled with hunting pictures?  Well, I figure since it is my website I can write what I want.  Being a hunter isn’t always about being in the field or talking about what is in the field. No, part of being a hunter is being a warrior and a provider.  These people of civilizations past were the natural leaders in their respective communities always willing to endure the brunt of anxiety and starvation in order to protect and sustain their societies.  This is something deep an innate with the fibers of a sportsman, one that is not often respected because well, we don’t often show it as such in society. Often shunned into keeping our mouths shut.  But you can’t tame the mountain and neither can you tame the mountain in the reflective soul of a person.

I wanted to pen this quick note to any college student that might read this as they kick off their year.  Regardless of where you stand in your college journey or even a vocational journey, it doesn’t matter, I want to write this for the person trying to grow in their post-high school careers. 

In just a matter of a few years, you will be faced with the dreadful anxiety of having to find a job.  I remember seeing this anxiety on full display among the senior students I befriended as a sophomore in college.  It was the winter of the year but winter turns to spring and would soon release in droves the people who had paid their dues.  Sheer panic among people.  I noticed not just the verbal anxieties but rather it was the uneasiness of peoples nonverbals that had me on high alert.  I didn’t want to go through this.  Was there a way to circumvent the issue just three years on my own horizon? 

The natural word was networking, but nobody really seemed to have a grasp on what to do.  What I realized I had, an implore the students of today to take advantage of is their time.  Look I played baseball for the school plus a full course load.  One would say I was entitled to watch a movie or three at the end of the night. 

I made an intentional decision to do something about the problem I could foresee and within this reflection began looking for a way to connect to the world outside of the confines of the school and of my own mind.  While writing became my outlet it was what I decided to do with extra time and what I discover that can help my fellow humans.  I realized there was a great an powerful world of association work not discussed among the college ranks.  And, after the goodwill and lending hand of a few older folks, I found myself as a member of a content creation association for outdoor media called the Professional Outdoor Media Association.  The connections I was able to make in my first few years of being a part of the organization have been pivotal while navigating the winds of change and frustration your first several working years will bring. 

I don’t sell silver bullets, just present long-term paths of persistence.  These are the roads I seek. So I can tell you with utmost confidence, nobody will tell you to seek out and get involved with an association. When I did, I stuck around, became slightly obsessive about the journey and now even have the chance to serve on the board. There is a group out there focused on serving exactly what your interests might be and you should find them.  Do this and stick with it.  You won’t regret it.