P3 Gun Rest Review

Ever have the feeling you might be a better archery shot than a rifle marksman?

Seems strange to think about really.

Guns seem so reliable, however, unless one approaches the brute force of a gun with the same finesse mechanics of shooting the stick and string, the results can be far more disastrous than an errant arrow.

For many years I have taken for granted the reliability of my rifle, “Grace”, a Remington 700 in .270. She often cleans up for my haphazard archery season. It wasn’t until I once had a “swing and a miss” and “sinned” with “Grace” in my hands, that I realized taking for granted the few holes punched on paper off of an old picnic table before rifle season was not going to fly any longer.

I did not blindly lunge for the answers, but first asked questions. Why did I miss the mark? What did I need to change in my routine?

I arrived at the same answer to becoming a better archer – “quality gear, mechanics and practice“.

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