Otis Factory Tour

Rain pelted the windshield as my truck buzzed through the overcast clouds which encased the foothills to the Adirondack mountains.

A mix between hedgerows and farmers fields bleed into woodlands as the general increase in elevation could be seen, and felt.

One eye on the road, another on my GPS, coffee mug in one hand, each town felt smaller and smaller giving one a feel for the late 1950s. Father time seemed to have his grip on the aesthetics of the landscape and towns at the base of the Adirondack Mountains in North Central NewYork.

Just hours away from “the city”, a name shooters, hunters and our soldiers trust for protecting their guns is a place, Otis Technology, calls home.

Otis. The breech to muzzle system born from a necessity, raised by an entrepreneurial spirit and utilized by legions of shooters on the range, in the backcountry and in comb

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