My Hopes Dreams And Wishes

I’ve titled this piece as such because of the faith and money I’ve put into my gear in recent years.  My bow, in particular, is what I’ll overview today and the reasoning behind each piece of gear.

First off, my bow itself is a Mathews Heli-M I bought off Craigslist a few years ago.  I encourage everyone to scour the web to look at all the great bows up for sale that is half the cost of what they initially retailed for.  Until you can afford a brand new rig, don’t worry about looking into slightly used gear.  I love and hate this bow.  I love it for the speed, how lightweight it is but also hate it because of how lightweight it is.  It has forced me to learn better mechanics and be intentional about form and process in my shot.  For hiking it is great.  Truthfully though, its been several years since I killed anything with a bow. I really hope to actually notch a tag with it this year.  Such is bowhunting.  But as an extension of my body, it’s shooting incredibly well as we look into the next 4.5 months of hunting.

The next step here is the sight that I am using.  When I ought the Option 6 sight the brand was under trophy taker.  Now it is Option Archery.  Great little rig and I highly recommend it.  Super easy to adjust and tough.  Some people like to use the slider pin, but I really don’t other than just for sighting in my other pins to the tape.  Now, After several months worth of work, I have this thing essentially hacked and found where the cage needs to be precisely to shoot an arrow so flatly that between the 10 yard mark ( say at 40 yards)  and the 5 fard mark ( 45 yards) all I need to do I lock the pin on lungs and send it.  However, I know I need to be darn careful because any variation in my hold or my anchor point will cause the arrow to start dropping quickly.

I have a love-hate relationship with arrows, mostly because they cost a ton and its easy to destroy them.  I moved away from Beman arrows this year in favor of Carbon Express Maxima Reds in the 350 spine category.  Wow, is all I can write.  So much better control and down-range energy.  They push my broadheads far better and I don’t feel like I am pushing a bowling ball with a pool noodle.  My entire career I just took arrows for granted. Now I look deeper into their construction and am excited because in my practice rounds, they have been pushing my Montec broadheads with much more authority.

Broadheads.  I’ve changed broadheads over the past five years the way some guys change their dates- a lot.  In part I never could get the consistency out of the montecs but then again, I realized when I was younger that my form sucked, my arrows were iffy, but now with the change in gear and my mechanics, they fly like the darts I want.  Now I chose to go back to Montecs because I wanted simplicity.  I am a straightforward kind of person, I want my gear with no frills, just results.

Taken By A Montec

VaporTrail strings I have become a fan because a few years ago I had to change my string out 10 days before my long-awaited return to elk country.  My initial string had failed and the shop owner put a Vaportrail string on my bow.  11 days later I killed my first elk.  That is one way to create a life-long customer. 

My stabilizer has changed my shooting confidence.  So, my entire life I have taken many things for granted.  My understanding of stabilizers has been one of them.  When I moved from shooting a four-inch stabilizer to a ten-inch stabilizer with some weight on it, my life really changed.  So much so, that when I lost my BeeStinger last fall when it fell off my bow, I was hell-bent on buying a new one as fast as possible.  I’m glad I did.

I look at my bow and realize it is an extension of my arm and my mechanics, but it is just one part of the entire picture.  Strategy and effort are the next key elements. But it is good to know, when a shot does present itself, At least the bow will perform well.  Just need to keep my emotion in check.  Check out my YouTube video here reviewing the rig.