Marsh Memories

By Jason Reid

4:15 AM, my eyes had a blank stare of fatigue as I looked into the warm vapors of my coffee. Speaking in a whisper, I mumbled to my brother, “I really hope this works.” He responded, “Me too bro, me too.”

The day after Thanksgiving, we decided to try something different. Instead of chasing deer, we headed to a known mallard flyway. A public land area, we banked on Black Friday to keep most people out of the swamp. There was only one problem, this was the same area I killed my first duck, a black duck, nine years ago, but had not been back to this flooded timber since. Entering the waterway not really having any idea where to go or what to expect-made paddling a canoe across a lake in the dark real interesting. Public land hunting can be scary, frustrating, challenging and rewarding. Regardless, this is the kind of raw uncut adventure I crave.


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