Lessons From Quartering Elk

By Jason Reid

The last of our photos were snapped and my father grabbed two bags from his pack, the game bags and his knives.  I followed suit as we strained to shift my five point bull to a point where we could flip him over on his back to begin the long process of butchering and caring for the meat.


1) Nothing Has Changed, Quality Knives Are A MUST 

Breaking down big game like deer and elk requires sharp knives, not a huge secret.   On my 2015 wilderness hunt, the team from Real Avid sent their Revelation X4 knife into the backcountry with me.  I loved the beefy handle since it provided fantastic power and control for quartering the animal.  Removing the quarters of an elk does not really equate to Rocket science, follow the membrane line to the hip bones.  The Revelation X4 comes with 440 steel and provided power to cut through hide and tissue as well as helping to pop the hindquarters out of socket.  Be aware as you cut for how close you become to completely removing the quarters. We removed the hide from the quarter in order to make a semi clean surface for the quarter to drop onto up removal.  Have your partner, if you hunt with someone, hold the quarter as you remove it from the carcass and lay it down gently  Dirt is the enemy and try to avoid it at all cost.