Hunting and School Work

With the arrival of fall, some hunters head west. Some hunters stay here in New York to tend to their local whitetails and hunt geese or chase salmon.  Parents spend a few stressful days getting their kids to accept the fate of the new school year. But some hunters are students. Middle school through college, the new school year brings adds responsibilities you’d rather not have, but tough luck, more work is what we are all faced with even though we just want to hunt. Being a student hunter is a responsibility. Much like being a student athlete balancing the passion for the pursuit with studies, there are plenty of dedicated student hunters working a delicately orchestrated schedule in order to obey both the calls of the classroom and that of the wild. Being a student hunter was fun; pure, uncut fun. The late nights, the unorthodox study habits and pursuit is something I will always cherish from the days of high school and college. To help students as they settle in and look to hunting season, here are a few tips I learned the hard way.