Hunter’s First Buck

Tagging your first buck is something unlike any other, especially as family is thre to expereince the thirll and emotion along side you.  Here is the story of Hunter Byron, a young man who is already on his way to becoming an incredibly skilled deer hunter, and his first buck taken earlier this fall.  Congratulations hunter on a dandy first buck!


By Hunter Byron:

Sunday, October 12, 2014. The day before we didn’t see one deer and my hopes weren’t up. We got in the stand very early and at about 6:45 am, two doe came running down the trail to about 36 yards away and by now it was light and they saw me move and took off before I could draw on them. I thought that was all I was going to see that morning but about an hour later the 6 pointer came down from the top of the hill and came down to eat under the apple trees 13 yards away. He looked straight at me but  kept eating normaly.  I drew back my mission craze bow with my slick trick broadheads and double lunged him.  My dad was in a stand about 70 yards from me and the deer ran 20 yards away from him and expired.  I was thankful it was a quick kill and was pumped!  My dad was proud of me  to kill my 3rd deer ever, but it was my first buck!1012140920 (1)1012140920a