What Hunters Can Learn From Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter, a man my generation grew up watching. We will talk about Derek Jeter in the same way my grandparents talk about players like Mantle, Ruth, Aaron, and Mays. 

What on earth does this have to do with hunting?  Honestly, a ton.  Look, it is no secret we as a culture of hunters are under more scrutiny than ever.  We also don’t always help our own situation by the way we act and portray ourselves at times. It’s almost like hunting has become a popularity contest instead of hunters just getting out to hunt.  We beg for attention, compare ourselves jealously against others, bicker amongst each other, put each other down.  We seem to be divided as a culture at times.  We could be, should be, and can be a strong impenetrable force leading the country. 

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