Gun Racks

Scratched in pencil on the old faded cabin door read, “Nothing of value, please do not break in.

Opening the door to my old get-away, the musty air lay heavy on my lips with each breath. Dead flies lined the windowsills. Rotted tiles strewn the carpet, which was brown, either as an original color or from the years of boot tracked mud.

This little cabin was home for nearly eight weekends per year, and above the worn Colman stove, was the altar, the gun rack.

Each season I would watch dad’s trusted 870 be pulled from an old sheath and rested on the rungs, waiting for the odd Remington Slugger to be chambered for a swift punch through a whitetail’s chest.

For some, gun racks are a thing of beauty and memory. In most other situations, gun racks serve functional convenience. Here is a look at five that deserve a place in your home, truck or cabin retreat.

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