Elk Lessons Part 2

This article is a continuation from part one of my Top 5 Lessons Learned From Elk Hunting.

3) Wind & Thermals:  Every hunter understands the frustration of a wind hitting the back of your neck. In elk country you have more power to use the wind to your advantage and make it work for you according to the land.

Case in point, on both successful hunts of our Father-Son double, the wind was atrocious, plain sucked really. But over the course of the hunt, I learned patience to let the winds adjust and back off a bit to wait. As in the case with our day eight play on a giant 5 point and 15 cows, I learned patience for thermals.

The small harem and their bull were bedded on the lower third of a monumentally steep chute just after day break. Thanks to a handsome Mule Deer which had caught our attention at first, I looked down to find the elk unaware of our presence several hundred vertical yards above.

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