Different Hunts At SCI

When we think of hunting different animals, we often think of chasing different deer, moose, elk bears or the more popular species in Africa.

Yet while walking the floors of the 2015 Safari Club International Convention, there were a variety of game species I couldn’t believe you could hunt. I learned quickly, exotic animals were not just reserved for African Safaris. There are plenty of interesting animals you can hunt in North and South America.

Walrus: Not traditionally thought of as a game animal, Walrus has been a part of the Inuit lifestyle and diet for centuries. I spoke with Canada North Outfitting ( www.canadanorthoutfitting.com ) and they told me, traditionally, walrus hunts take place by spotting them from boats as they rest on large ice packs or on rock island haul outs.

Hunts take place in the summer when long daylight hours are the norm. The meat is always given to the Inuit communities who have a tradition of giving the meat to the community dog first, and if the dog is alive the next day, then the meat is given to the oldest person in the village, and if they are not dead after one day, then the rest of the village is allowed to eat of the meat.

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