Almost Bearable Muskox Hunting at SCI

Muskox, an animal so unique, it is its own class of animal when talking about the Super Slam of North America.

In talking with several super slammers in the past, Muskox is generally put off due to what we know about hunting them.

The overriding image we have of Muskox hunts, is people hunting them in Winter and Early Spring… in the Arctic. A place in which the ice doesn’t melt until July and August, only to come back in September. I asked the owner of Plummer’s Arctic Lodges, Chummy Plummer, why this was.

His response was just simple, “I am really not sure, I guess for the adventure. But I once spent a winter at one of the lodges we have in the arctic. You spend more than half your time just trying to stay alive.”

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