Why You Should Hunt Public Land

By Jason Reid

Wait, What? Yes, why you should bowhunt public lands for deer this year.   To some, hunting public land is a last ditch resort if all private land options are exhausted.  There is often fear of hunting public lands, and for good reason.  Unlike in the west, eastern  public lands can be much smaller, thus condensing hunters and increasing the odds of a busted hunt, more scent in the woods and less shot opportunities.  That being said, what are some reasons TO consider adding a few public land spots to your  list of hunting locations?

Overlooked:  Maybe we are just projecting the amount of human competition in certain areas?  Do our imaginations keep us from researching areas and putting together game plans?   Potentially.  Learn to decipher from local reports the difference between what is gun season traffic and bow season traffic.  One tip I learned is to try and search for public land with land locked swamps or marshes the duck hunting crowd won’t want to use, but is too thick and gnarly for the likes of the laid back hunter.  Put boot treads to dirt and look for human sign like garbage or old tree stands to see where people are hunting, then shirt the human sign to find the deer sign.