3 Russian Guides I Met At SCI

Russian and Asian hunting is beyond your average trip behind the house or even your average Western hunt.

General Manager of Safari Outfitter, Clark Jeffs described hunting Russia and Asia as a full culturally enriching experience.

He is well versed in this culture since his operation was one of the first from North America to start guiding in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. From the traveling, to the landscape, the people and their history, adventures in that section of the world are often overlooked. He also told me although the language barrier can be frustrating, it does add to the adventure.

Jeff described an adventure in which his native guide was describing something with his hands. Come to find out the guide was trying to tell Jeffs, they were near the old launch site for Soviet satellites.

A quick search of online videos will show a wild grandeur of animals which you think may

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