Murphy Puked

While there have been many highlights of my year, there have also been some moments which just make you shake your head.  This morning at 5:30am my little 4 Runner was packed full of people, gear, and my dog with little room to move as several  of us attempted to go hunt ducks.  Just as we were about to turn onto the highway, I heard a dreadful scream from the back right seat in which Austen was sitting.  “NOOOOOOO NO NOOOO Murphy you idiot! Ugh its all over my lap!”  A smell which would have subdued a rhinoceros, hit everyone’s gag reflexes.  Murphy had puked all over the back seat sparing nothing, not Austen’s lap or gun. Pulling  over to the side of the road next to someones house,  everyone piled  out of the truck about to lose their own stomach contents.  Austen jumped into a random snow bank and practically gave the snowbank a lap dance such was his ferocity in trying to remove the puke from his pants.  Dreading the next scene, I looked into the back seat at the now tiny lake of dog puke landlocked by my seats.  “Oh sweet Lord,” But for as frustrated I was, there was nothing to do but laugh the situation off.  Piling snow onto the small lagoon of goo was the only reasonable solution for the time being.  While the snow soaked up most of the puke, there is now a very very large discolored stain in my back seat.  Not that my truck was any cleaner beforehand, due to hunting season but, Levi brought up a good point.  Any chance I had of finding a woman just plummeted like a duck being smacked by a wad of #2 shot.  While now be solidified deep in the negative percentile of “luck” per-say,  I guess I really have no choice, I‘ve got to get this truck professionally cleaned before next semester.

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3 thoughts on “Murphy Puked

  1. Until then, might I recommend cleaning it with a bit of laundry detergent on a damp cloth. And if it still smells, dabbing with diluted white vinegar? I have much barf cleaning experience :(

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I used a product called 180XT by Earth’s Balance. If the smell comes back in a few days I’ll try your suggestion.

  2. GB

    Hey!! What a end to an awesome yr, I closed my eyes & tried to visualize the scene, and all most lost it laughing. What a memory & to think that Murphy at least keep it in the family. Tell Austen, some times you just have to suck it up. GBob

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