Introducing HAWK

Well its about darn time I can post something about this.

As a hunter, it has always been a dream to get to work full time in the outdoor industry.  Well I am a hair’s breath away from reaching that goal.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 9.24.49 PM

Back in June I recieved an email from the former VP of product development for Primos telling me he had a new venture started and wanted to see if I would intern with his new compnay through my senior year with the chance to become full time after graduation in May of 2014.  I jumped at the chance to become the communications manager and did not look back.  The company has given me a long leash to work with in the field of communicaitons.  Actually the words from my boss Scott were, ” I am not going to micro manage you.”  Balancing school and managing communications has been a rodeo to say the least.


What is HAWK?

HAWK is the new brand which manufacters an entire line of re-designed treestands and accessories.

Mark from Sole adventure did a first look review of  a few accessories.

This new line has an incredible 11 new stand offerings and 11 new accesories offerings.  I don’t have a ton of time to explain becuase as the communciations contact, my inbox is exploading with emails and my phone won’t stop ringing.  

Here is the press release introducing the new company.  Make sure to  like the new HAWK Facebook page as well.

For more information on HAWK, email me at-


Say a quick prayer too, it is finals week here at school and I have had ZERO time to study.



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One thought on “Introducing HAWK

  1. Congrats man! Praying for your finals!

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