What Has Been Going On

A quick review of my last month

Yup, it’s been a month since I posted anything, not on purpose though.  The last month has been a whirlwind ride between hunting, school and work.  Here is the deal.  I got hired as an intern with a new hunting company launching in a few weeks. The deal is, if I bust my butt hard enough, I might be able to get hired full time in May.   Can’t tell you the name yet, but as the person in charge of communications, I barely have time to breath sideways.  But dealing with real world business situations is teaching me a ton and is forcing me to learn and think creatively on the fly.

When I last posted something it was the third week of October.  Since then I took a trip to Illinois to participate in a company photo shoot.  We worked with a new show coming to the Outdoor Channel called Raised Hunting.  These Holder’s are top notch, their show is set to break the mold of traditional hunting shows.  I’ll post more about them in the future.  I will say, the two kids on the show, Easton and Warren were a blast to hang out with.  Mr. and Mrs. Holder are incredible people as well as their producer Adam Jordison of Modern Legacy Productions.  There is a value in surrounding yourself with good people.  Check out their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/raisedhunting

On the writing side, several posts for my column on the Heartland Lodge website were posted. I will share those soon.  But finally one of my articles will be going to print.  An article I wrote about my little brother arrowing his big bull a few years ago will be run in the January issue of Eastmans Bowhunting Journal.  A total shot to the gut.

Then yes, my big buck.  It was like walking up to a small horse.  There is a long story behind that morning which I will try to write for a publication but in the meantime, I will share a shortened version in a few days.  I will also share my response to an anti hunter’s comment on my picture.

Green score. 150 inches

Green score. 150 inches

All in all, I am alive and sleep deprived.


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One thought on “What Has Been Going On

  1. Your hard work is paying off, Jason. Good job, buddy!

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