2 Million Bullets

Posted on September 17, 2013 by Jason Reid

“I started this effort to even the playing field. I wanted Mother Nature to adopt others the way she took me in.  I just knew there were kids that needed more to make them and the quality of their life better.” -John Annoni

A classy hotel elevator is an interesting place to meet someone.  However, you will never know who you might run into during a POMA conference.  Due to the venue, seeing a man in a camouflage shirt was not surprising. I had no idea the man was John Annoni, founder of Camp Compass and the 2 million Bullets campaign.  After learning about this man and the Two Million Bullets organization, I truly believe he has been appointed by God to guide guide-less children.  John Annoni is an inspiration since he embodies the meaning of a man built for others

It is no secret outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, trapping, and camping can profoundly impact individuals.  Every now and again we will hear a story about how the outdoors and outdoor mentors have helped change the lives of both kids and adults.  Countless success stories of helping children get on the right track  have come out of the Camp Compass organization.   Over the past two-and-a-half decades, John Annoni has had a heart for mentoring urban children, introducing them to the magic and powerful lessons of the outdoors.  According to his website, Mr Annoni began the organization after a friend had been murdered with the mission of uniting all sportsmen and women under the joint effort of impacting kids lives.  As we watch the alarming rate of decay of our society, impacting the lives of children who do not have solid leaders in their lives has never been more important.


However, Camp Compass is much more than just about impacting kids in the field.  As a teacher, Mr. Annoni starts in the class room building character and work ethic around school work.  Students much work through various stages of the Camp Compass Program.  Young kids are assigned older student mentors and can seek help from volunteer teachers.   Kids in the program must be passing in school to participate and have a chance to go on trips.  In the success stories section of the two million bullets website, Joe S. Sr recalls how John Annoni and fellow volunteers impacted his sons.

“While my older son Joe had a good grasp on academics, my younger son, Nik, had some trouble with schoolwork.  The Camp Compass Academy instructors helped him learn a different way to study and do his schoolwork.  His grades improved dramatically once he began his time at the Academy.  He went from barely passing school to graduating high school with high honors.  Without the help of John Annoni and the other instructors at Camp Compass I believe Nik would have had a very difficult time with academics.  Both of my boys learned valuable leadership lessons.”

Another testimonial I believe best sums up how Camp Compass impacts the lives of kids.  Again from the testimonials section Tiffany S. wrote, “Camp Compass Academy’s program taught me about responsibility for my actions and to society, how to communicate efficiently and in a professional manner, problem solving, the importance of education, how to set and achieve personal and professional goals, social skills and confidence in myself. We were taught how to hunt and fish, but no one has to if they do not want to, but most of the students want to.”

Camp Compass launched a national awareness campaign called 2million bullets. The premise behind 2million bullets is to make kids the focal point of conservation and the outdoor sports with the understanding that impacting them now will shape our future for the better.  2 Million Bullets is an extremely worthy cause with the goal to get 2 million people to donate just one dollar. The money is used towards giving youth chances at outdoor adventures they may otherwise never have. In return, each donor will receive the symbol of the campaign, an orange ribbon, the universal color for the shooting sports.

Kevin Paulson, Founder of Huntinglife.com  is an outspoken advocate of Camp Compass and 2 Million Bullets.  When asked why he sees this as an important cause, he responded,

“In today’s cities, kids just do not get the opportunities to get outdoors as much as they need to and programs like 2 million bullets are essential to helping get kids get positive skills in regards to shooting, hunting and the outdoors. In a world of video games and daily reports of violence with guns inside of our American cities, programs like Camp Compass can reach kids at an early age and teach them that guns and hunting can be a positive influence in their lives if they choose to embrace them as tools. Men like John Annoni and the team at Camp Compass are working in the trenches and providing positive role models in a world that doesn’t often provide our youth the influence they need so supporting this program was a no-brainer for team HuntingLife.

I am proud to be a bullet and support 2 Million Bullets and I wear my orange ribbon with pride knowing I made a small difference in the lives of at least one child through the Camp Compass program.”-Kevin Paulson


Watch John Annoni talk more about 2 Million Bullets here.