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An Open Letter To Curious Non Hunters

An uneasy shifting in the person’s chest caused their torso to tense and their shoulders to scrim back and forth as they tried to answer a question.   This minute movement coupled with the nearly unnoticeable pursing of their lips as they looked into the florescent light away from the conversation threw up attention flags […]

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Best Broadheads For 2015

/ Muscled tensed, you hit the same anchor point at the corner of your mouth like you had all summer long. But this isn’t a foam target, what stands 25 yards away has fur and breathes. You know food and possibly antlers are just a few seconds away from being yours. Fiber optics hover onto […]

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Valentines Day & Hog Hunting

Valentines Day 2015.  Farms in the Floridian outback are the farthest thing from a romantic date for most people.  For Lauren Lee, an Ivy league graduate, her moonlit date was walking with her husband as they and their guides chased wild hogs with night vision technology and an AR-15. Pork Truffles anyone? Read the rest […]

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Give Your Deer a Boost

A series of succeeding rubs running southwest made the narrow ridge feel like a small tunnel.  Early May, the spring foliage had yet to break forth from it’s dormant state. Wrapping around the side of the mountain, the ridge formed a small bench, maybe 30 yards wide before dropping in elevation to the next ridge.  […]

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Surf Fishing Tips

Sand pushing up through your toes, the still water laps at your ankles while you watch a bobber ride the silence of the lake.  A sharp dunk of the bobber is greeted with silence, then another and another until the plastic or foam bobber screams sideways making a trail of bubbles.  To the screeching delight […]

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Snow Goose Hunting Decoy Tips

Trophy Stack is a new outdoor media platform which allows hunters to share their adventures without the fear of anti-hunting attacks.  A quality online hunting community, I suggest all hunters join.  My first article assignment for Trophy Stack was to report on the different snow goose decoy spread possibilities. Snow geese. I remember the first flock […]

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Taxidermy Pictures.

Big game animals are a huge part of the draw when attending the 2015 Safari Club International Convention ( The variety and stunning quality of the taxidermy on display is wonderful to see. For my fellow hunters that did not make this years show in Las Vegas, I thought I would put together a photo essay […]

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Best Hunting Trips In South America

Global hunting hot spots are generally thought of as places in Africa, Asia, Northern Canada and Alaska. Yes, these regions generate plenty of interest and rightly so. But have we considered the hot spot located on our sister continent, South America? A mixture of low hunting pressure, pristine habitat and excellent climate, South American hunting […]

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The Hunting Lodge Experience

Providing a great experience as an outfitter is what brings clients back time and time again. The experience you have as a client will dictate the outfitters reputation and impact whether or not others decide to spend their time and money at a certain lodge. At the recent 2015 Safari Club International Convention, there are an […]

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New Hunting Gear

  We all love new hunting gear and here were some of the new pieces of hunting gear I highlighted last month. Alright, you walked the floor of the 2015 Safari Club International Convention, you took your notes, sifted through all of the brochures, made your decision and put deposits down on a variety of […]