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The Late Show

Turkey season is getting closer.  Some southern states begin within the next few weeks and despite the four feet of snow we have here in my home state, just the thought of a gobble shakes my veins a bit. Only once in a great while will a turkey hunt go as planned.  Some may have […]

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Keystone Calls Review, Turkey Season Is Coming Down The Pipeline

Darkness receding like seconds on a clock, the blue hue of morning bled softly through the hardwoods.  The woodlands yet to release its spring foliage, awoke with thunder, although the weatherman had not called for precipitation.  Like countless other spring turkey hunters braving the early spring chill, a multitude of slate turkey calls laid in […]

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Dealing With Anti-Hunting Death Threats

One aspect of humanity had become painfully clear throughout the SCI show.  We as hunters are doing what is a part of us as humans, we care for the wild and its animals, but now we are under attack by mis-guided people who want to kill us for being hunters.  If you think about the course […]

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Interviewing Kendall Jones

Writing this article at SCI was certainly one of the highlights of my trip and taught me a lot about communicating hunting outwardly.  I believe as a culture, we learned from this experience and will become stronger and more unified in our response.   I was finishing eating dinner with friends when my phone rang.  I thought I […]

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Glassing, Not Just Grandpa’s Game.

Choosing the right optics is a fun yet wallet cringing part of any hunting excursion. Then, once you have bought optics, do you know how to glass properly? Outdoor writer Tom Claycomb’s seminar here at the 2015 Safari Club International Convention ( )  provided relevant information for hunters of every age and skill range regardless […]

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Picking Mountain Boots, What To Consider Part 1

Alright, never thought I would say this publicly, but here it goes.  I need to go shoe  shopping.  Well, really boot shopping.  Anyone want to come with me?  In all seriousness though, I am looking at the hiking boots I need to purchase before September.  Actually, make it April, in order to leave plenty of break in […]

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Break From Normal Stands

Breaking from traditional stands and venturing to new areas offers hunters the chance to discover un-pressured animals and territory. Often times your traditional spots go cold part way through the  season, leaving you frustrated and discouraged.  Don’t be afraid to shake things up with a climber. Going into new areas with little or no previous […]

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Deer Drive Tactics

  This was one of my most recent blogs for the Heartland Lodge concerning deer drives.  Sure, many people hate deer drives for management reasons, others don’t listen to management practices and do it anyway.  Regardless of your stance on the matter, there is no doubt, deer drives are effective. “Loop around this wooded funnel […]

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More Than A Score

Leave your thoughts below.  I would really like to hear your opinion. In the altered state of uncontrolled adrenaline, the only thing I knew about this buck’s antlers were, there were a lot of points.  Many misses have taught me how to focus, and my arrow struck true.  For a half hour I could see a […]

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Top Shots To Teach With Army Veteran

My latest article for talks about firearms training and profiles an upcoming event where an Army Vet and Top Shot Contestants will hold a class together. As seen on Mention the word hand gun or firearms training in public nowadays, you might get a few nervous looks from certain people. But training other […]