Break From Normal Stands

Breaking from traditional stands and venturing to new areas offers hunters the chance to discover un-pressured animals and territory. Often times your traditional spots go cold part way through the  season, leaving you frustrated and discouraged.  Don’t be afraid... Read More →

More Than A Score

Being mobile and hunting sign helped me kill my best buck ever.
Leave your thoughts below.  I would really like to hear your opinion. In the altered state of uncontrolled adrenaline, the only thing I knew about this buck’s antlers were, there were a lot of points.  Many misses have taught me... Read More →

Top Shots To Teach With Army Veteran

psed booth
My latest article for talks about firearms training and profiles an upcoming event where an Army Vet and Top Shot Contestants will hold a class together. As seen on Mention the word hand gun or firearms training... Read More →