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Getting Ready For Elk

Videos, pictures, stories from elk country.  We listen and hear the stories watch the videos with a twinge of jealousy dreaming in our gut, longing to feel the raw wilderness, feel the weight of a weeklong camp lashed to our back and to hold a mature bull rack in our hands.  Experience the skin crawling […]

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Hunters Specialties Calls Review

The only thing to move was under the cover of my body.  Brain moving like a general  monitoring each step of the gobbler since each step brought with it an entirely new set of circumstances. And with each step, every sound made from my calls needed to respond accurately as to not ruin the situation. […]

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Little Liars

  Slightly larger than the door frame which holds it, the rocking vibration of my bedroom door opening hits your ear canals with shock comparable to being forcibly held under ice water during a Nordic winter.  At 4AM, think of the shocking chills this sends down your spine.  Flicking the dull light on above my […]

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How To Catch River Bass

Heat beating down, friends and I staying an extra few weeks at college to add a few classes on for extra credits would spend our afternoons after class fishing a river near the school for smallmouth bass.  Floating plastic worms would prove too much for the hard headed, reel screaming, tail dancing bronze backs. But […]

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How To Film Your Hunt

For mid October, the fibers of the sun’s rays lit up the right side of my face like a tractor beam.  Cool yet comfortable, sitting on the edge of a copped corn field and thick wooded funnel has proved many times to be good to my family.  Just ask the bucks in my room.  With […]

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Archery and Kids

Archery connects the mind and soul with the physical being, for a brief moment in time, a pointed stick, an otherwise useless shaft of carbon or aluminum, is propelling forward one of the most effective methods of procuring game known to man.  Inches to the the left or right up or down can throw the […]

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Flounder Gigging- What Is it?

When southern waters are in your blood, it is hard not to follow your bloodline and the footsteps they leave.  Captain Chris Bryant  of Night Stalker Bow fishing is one of those Captains whose family left a deep heritage  through family in the southern waters.  Bryant’s Grandfather became a Captain at the age of 16,  […]

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Turkey Hunting Tips

The king gobbler was close, real close, well within the effective range of my gun.  To my horror, I could not see him because of the bank in front of me.   The king gobbler never showed his face, only his hens.  Heartbroken, for two hours as the morning sun beat down on me, my […]

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An Open Letter To Curious Non Hunters

An uneasy shifting in the person’s chest caused their torso to tense and their shoulders to scrim back and forth as they tried to answer a question.   This minute movement coupled with the nearly unnoticeable pursing of their lips as they looked into the florescent light away from the conversation threw up attention flags […]

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Best Broadheads For 2015

Muscled tensed, you hit the same anchor point at the corner of your mouth like you had all summer long. But this isn’t a foam target, what stands 25 yards away has fur and breathes. You know food and possibly antlers are just a few seconds away from being yours. Fiber optics hover onto the […]